Matchbox Book
The Shadow Thief
I chose the book ‘the shadow thief’ for my self-publishing project and designed new book cover for it. The Shadow Thief is an entertaining and moving French novel about first loves, friendship, and dreams. It tells the story of a boy who grows up with a special gift: He can steal other people's shadows exchanging his shadow with others. And the shadows always share their owners’ secrets with him. Dark reflections come and go, revealing hidden insights into the person they belong to. I chose the word “secret” for my one word synopsis . As the narrator grows older, he learns to use his gift to help him navigate schoolyard rivalries, his first love, and his encounters and friendships as a medical student. Through the mistakes he makes trying to improve other people's lives, he comes to realize that it's not too late to seek out his own childhood dreams.
Draft 1
Draft 2
Draft 3
Modified 1
Modified 2 
Inside the matchbox, there are 2 pieces of shadow, when they are separate, you can read nothing, but when you overlap one on another, the word “secret” will appear.
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