My picture book Daydream? is a collection of people’s daydreams. To make this book, I interviewed people asking them about their daydream memories. I wondered what they see when they get lost in thought. To my surprise, I received many interesting answers. For example, blue is where Tina always starts her daydreaming—yes! she begins dreaming when she stares at something blue; Maggie can never remember how she gets lost in thought, but her friends find that when she does, she alway draws imaginary circles with her index finger.

I came up with this idea because I am very interested in people’s inner worlds, and I wonder where they go when they get lost in thought. To make this abstract topic a bit more concrete, and to give readers a space to ponder, the book begins asking questions about daydreams. My goals is to make the reader’s experience be like traveling through a universe of unique daydream places—places that don’t abide by our normal rules of nature. To visualize these worlds, I used different materials and styles to make each image appear personal and unique. The images sequence is designed to flow page to page based on subliminal connections to the visuals, and to give the reader a feeling of different personalities. 

My book is for both children and their adults who love to daydream. I believe this book will invite it’s readers to contemplate, and to care more about their inner worlds. It will also remind readers of the sometimes unexplored, special corners of their minds—of a self they may have left behind.
Cover of the book
Back cover of the book
Some sketches at first
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