As an illustrator and designer, my product is a note calendar for 2017. As 2017 is the Year of Rooster in China, the story of my calendar is about the exploration story of a little chicken. I will translate 12 months into 12 kinds of pattern based on the feelings I have and things I love about the 12 months. The little rooster would be a part of the pattern.
The aesthetic-usability is the strength of my product, for example,except being hung on the wall, it also can be put in your bag, as a calendar notebook. you also can see how storytelling combined with the pattern. The colorful and creative graphics on different pages will make it more enjoyable to use.
Every new year can be seen as an adventure, as people experience different things there. As one grows older, he or she may loose the excitement of welcoming a new year little by little, I want to use my calendar to remind the great moment and feelings of every month in a year(e.g. about the fruits in season, scenery to watch) reminding people to fully enjoy there life. My audience is young people with  a childlike heart.
Designing and making this calendar first of all will give me an opportunity to explore the possibilities of pattern design. Trying to combine usability with with good visual experience is my second goal, my third goal is to spread an active attitude towards everyday life—always be curious and try something new!
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